Monday, November 19, 2012

Listen up, Mr. Bigshot Mayor.

Dear Mayor Castro,

Have you ever thought of Brackenridge golf course as something besides a golf course? I should admit up front I'm not much of a golfer and I've never played golf there. The Brackenridge course occupies a unique location in the city. It's a shame that it's only used by golfers. There's so much potential for turning the golf course into a space to be enjoyed by many more people. Particularly with the downtown area and the Broadway corridor undergoing a revitalization, it's time to reimagine the Brackenridge golf course.
There are all manner of possibilties. Jogging and bike paths that connect to the paths in the park north of the golf course. Fields for soccer games, tossing a football or throwing a frisbee. Not league fields or intramural style fields, but I'm thinking of the pick up soccer games you see in parks in cities around the world. Maybe some indoor/outdoor cafes. A lake. A stage for outdoor concerts and plays. I'm just brainstorming ideas here. But the vision I'm trying to communicate is a Brackenridge park that's much more vibrant and utilized by many more people. There's a world of potential that is wasted on a golf course. There are plenty of golf courses, both public and private, in our city. But there's only one Brackenridge Park with the potential to truly transform San Antonio's urban culture and landscape.

I hope you'll give my suggestion serious consideration.


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